Extra information (update October 2020)


Where does the course take place?

The course takes place at P. Czn Hooftlaan 14, Eindhoven. The building is easily accessible by car, bike or public transport. It’s approximately a 20 minute walk from Eindhoven station, or a couple of minutes by bus.

Where to park?

There is a free parking lot for visitors of P. Czn Hooftlaan 14, the entrance for this is located on the Tesselschadelaan. Here you will also find a bicycle parking. Please call 0649728494 when you’re standing in front of the gate. The instructor will then open the gate. If the parking lot has no more space, paid parking is available in the neighbourhood. A large paid parking lot is available a few minutes walking distance from the course location, at the Bomansplaats.

What to wear?

For CPR you have to sit on your knees. To facilitate this, trousers or jeans are preferable. Dresses or skirts are possible, but might prove less suitable. We request our students to not wear lipstick, including ‘waterproof’ and ‘smudge proof’ varieties. Lipstick can stain our CPR manikins and has proven very hard to remove.
Also remind to bring a facemask.

How will the course look like taking the corona rules into account?

The protocol set up by the branch organisation can be found here (in Dutch)
The rules of the RIVM can be found here.
In concrete terms, this means:

  • Only come to the course when you don’t have cold like symptoms such as a sore throat, a runny nose, sneezing, a mild cough or fever.
  • We ask our students to wear a face mask while entering the building and during movements inside the building. Once seated or when practising CPR (including rescue breaths) you can take of the face mask. Please bring your own facemask.
  • In the building and the classroom we keep 1.5 meter distance. Therefore we will work in small groups and every student will get personal training materials.
  • 2 students use 1 CPR manikin together. Because of the mechanism inside the manikin air leaves the manikin in a different place and via a filter. In this way you don’t inhale each others breath. For every student there are individual faces to place on the manikins.
  • The airways of the CPR manikins will be replaced after every lesson and the bandage materials will be thrown away. To get the certificate it is mandatory to do rescue breaths.
  • Choking and the recovery position will be practised in groups using a special manikin instead of on each other (couples may practise on each other). 1 person practises, the other watch and give feedback.
  • The classroom and teaching materials will be cleaned before and after the course. Also, the sanitary etc will be cleaned extra.
  • In the classroom hand desinfectant is available. Participants are asked to often wash/desinfects their hands.
  • Only 1 person at the time can use the bathroom. Hygenic wipes are available.
  • Despites all measures, we will still make it a nice, ‘gezellige’, practical and instructive lesson.

What to do when I’m ill or have cold like symptoms?

When you have cold like symptoms, you cannot participate in the course. Please unsubscribe as soon as possible, maybe another person can participate. If you are having cold like symptoms, you will be refused in the course. When symptoms occur during the course you are being asked to leave. Judgement of cold like symptoms is up to the instructor. You can follow the course on another moment when there’s spots available 1 week before the course starts. There’s no restitution of the course fee.

What food and drink is provided?

We provide coffee, tea, water and a small treat. Normally, we also provide lunch for courses of > 4 hours. Because this is non very convenient with the 1.5 meter rule, you are asked to bring your own lunch.

Need to pump during breaks?

Of course that is possible. Let us know beforehand so we can arrange for a suitable room.

Any other questions?

Please let us know! Mail to rodekruis@kusjeeropehbo.nl or call us at 0649728494